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Mani Mahesh Yatra


Height                        17500 ft.                                                   Moderate - Trekking  
Bharmour Sub Division ( Distt. Chamba, HP )

               In the month of August/September the famous JATRA of Mani-Mahesh commences from Laxmi-Narayana Temple in Chamba. The CHHARI is taken to the sacred lake of Mani-Mahesh, which is one of the chief tirthas in the district. Off late people from north India and beyond visit this sacred lake. The lake is situated at the height of 13,500 feet above sea level and at the base of Mani-Mahesh Kailsah peak (18,564 feet). Mani-Mahesh kailash is a virgin peak. On the margin of the lake is a small marble Shivlaing called CHAUMUKHA.

               Mani-Mahesh is 28 kms. from Bharmour. During mela days efficient bus service is available upto Hadsar. The pilgrimage is generally done in two stages. First camp is set-up at Dhanchho. Several grazers can be seen grazing their sheep in the alpine pastures of this place, the ascent from Chanchho to Mani-Mahesh lake is difficult in patches. Just short of the lake is Gauri Kund where women take a holy dip before returning to home. The pilgrimage to Mani-Mahesh is considered sacred like that of Amarnath, Badrinath and Rameshwarm. During the mela days several BHANDARAS are set-up for the benefit of pilgrims and meals are served free of cost. Pack animals are also available for those who do not want to carry their luggage themselves.


6 Days Trekking

Route – Bharmour - Hadsar (road head), Hadsar – Dhancho - 6 Kms., Dhancho - Gauri Kund - 6 kms., gauri Kund - Base camp - 3 kms, Base camp – Peak - base camp

Day 01:Reach Hardsar / Chamba from Punjab / Chandigarh / Delhi / Manali. It can another one day from if traveling from Delhi.

Day 02:Hardsar-Dancho :Walking Time 3-4 hrs. From Hardasr 2280m trail gradually ascends to Dancho. It takes three hrs to walk these 7 kms.

Day 03:Dancho-Mani Mahesh Lake: Walking Time 3-4 hrs. from Dancho 2550m further climbing to Mani Mahesh Lake 3950m is long and gradual climb.

Day 04:Mani Mahesh Lake-Dancho: Same Route.

Day 05:Dancho- Hardsar.

Day 06:Hardsar-Pathankot / Manali / Chandigarh / Delhi.

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